Mission Adaptive Charging Station™ (MAX-8)

The intelligent plug-and-play Mission Adaptive Charging Station™ (MAX-8) system automatically evaluates connected power sources and adjusts charge rates to maximize power and minimize charge time. This lightweight, rugged system reduces weight and bulk, simplifies logistics, and enhances operational capability—so troops can focus on their mission, instead of their batteries.

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Mission Adaptive Charging Station
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Mission Adaptive Charging Station Power Delivery


Draw power from virtually any source and charge different types of batteries simultaneously—automatically evaluating power sources and adjusting charge rates to minimize charge time and maximize charging efficiency

Mission Adaptive Charging Station Charging


Tops off the fullest battery first, to get you back to your mission as fast as possible, with a full battery

Mission Adaptive Charging Station Rugged


Impact-resistant, waterproof case ensures reliable operation in austere environments

Mission Adaptive Charging Station™ (MAX-8)
Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

Company Commander, U.S. Army EOD Company

The Mission Adaptive Charging Station perfectly bridged the gap between garrison and tactical environments and is the right fit for the FOB environment, replacing a multitude of individual charging systems and streamlining the battery charging process that each EOD team executes during mission prep and reset. The ability of the Mission Adaptive Charging Station to charge all of our batteries using any available source of electricity is a capability that is simply nonexistent with current systems. With this charger, team and platoon equipment loadouts are reduced and simplified…This is of significant importance to the EOD community, as teams often operate away from infrastructure and with limited equipment, but need to maintain power management.

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

Platoon Leader, USMC EOD Company

In my opinion, the Mission Adaptive Charging Station will be an instrumental asset for future use with EOD tools and equipment. EOD personnel will continue to require the use of battery powered devices rapidly charged while conducting response operations worldwide. The fielding of the Mission Adaptive Charging Station would greatly increase their mission capabilities.

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

Captain, Georgia Army National Guard, Bravo Company

Galvion’s MAX-8 Bulk Battery Charging Briefcase is an extremely valuable asset to platoons in the field, as these cases allow for charging capabilities independent of company assets. The case allowing for the charging of ASIP batteries, the Solo Pack Batteries, and USB devices allowed for long-term sustainment of our mission capabilities and our devices, ranging from our radios to our ATAKs. Without the case, our capabilities in communications and mission readiness would have been greatly reduced. Another extremely helpful facet was the simple interface that was easy to use and showed the percentages of battery charge, unlike our conventional chargers.



Galvion’s Nerv Centr® family of power management solutions offer distinct, measurable, and immediate benefits for modern warfighters

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