The weight and complexity of powering soldiers on the modern battlefield is something that we think about a lot at Galvion. In order to increase situational awareness, operators today are part of a mobile network of users and platforms – radios, NVGs, GPS, smart phones, laptops, drones – and although these devices have become more efficient, there are a greater number of them required during demanding operations. Along with that comes the associated challenge of powering all of these devices with multiple and numerous batteries, across long distances and for extended durations. Our Nerv Centr® power supply and management suite of products addresses the increasing need to store, deliver, harvest and share power in order to significantly reduce the physical weight that operators face on the wired battlefront.

Our portfolio of power products enables users to treat power as a combat supply that can be found, harvested, stored, and used flexibly at the very lowest level. Taking a cue from lessons learned in managing ammunition and water at the individual or squad level, our products enable operators to do the same with power. This energy efficiency at the individual level not only ensures power is available when it is needed; it also has major impact on the energy consumption at the mission level, resulting in reduced logistics and lower costs. Nerv Centr products are battlefield proven, reducing weight and equipment volume at the same time as increasing energy redundancy.


Our Marlborough facility is home to an accomplished hardware, software and process engineering team who work closely with manufacturing and electrical assembly teams to deliver products that are tested and certified to the highest possible military and civilian standards. Our constant innovation and advances mean software updates can be delivered in the field, increasing safety and delivering additional capabilities in real-time.

Our power management solutions include a variety of products such as slim lithium batteries, power managers and intelligent battery charging systems. The slim lithium-ion units can store, deliver and harvest power, lessening the weight burden by eliminating excess cabling and the need for spare batteries, while the power managers and battery chargers are designed to draw from any source to power a variety of equipment and recharge batteries simultaneously.

Nerv Centr systems provide dynamic energy management solutions for the battlefield


Our solutions work independently to get the job done, or in tandem for extreme power needs. The SoloPack™ energy module is a super high density unit that is the same size and weight as a 30 round magazine, and can provide enough energy for a 12-hour mission for a high tech user. The Squad Power Manager™ (SPM) and Individual Power Manager™ (IPM) are compact, rugged power management solutions with intelligent software that allows the users at the squad and individual level to power a variety of equipment and recharge batteries with no reprogramming required. Our endlessly customizable Mission Adaptive Charging Station™ (MAX-8) can charge multiple batteries through custom-made adapters suited to the mission, while automatically evaluating the power source and adjusting charge rates to maximize power and minimize charge time. We have created specific kits for the U.S. Marine Corps, Air National Guard, and other international operators when they need advanced power management capabilities, no matter the environment, duration or mission size.

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