At Galvion, we are passionately committed to providing leading-edge solutions and equipment that enhance the overall agility and survivability of the modern warfighter and tactical operator.

We design, develop and deliver best-in-class head systems, as well as innovative power and data management solutions for military and tactical operators worldwide. We engineer advanced concept, integrated systems that will be critical to meet the challenges of tomorrow and beyond.

We believe in human-centered innovation and work proactively with our partners and end-users to identify and solve the problems left unsolved by others. There is a direct connection between the work that our team does every day and the real-world impact it has, and we never lose sight of the beating heart beneath the equipment. We take immense pride in what we do - our gear lets the men and women who use it complete their missions and get home safely. Their missions are our missions, and we are as uncompromising in our dedication as they are.


As head and torso systems move from purely protective to survivable and lethal, allowing operators to see in the dark, communicate with friendly forces, and use modern equipment like head-up displays, sensors, emitters, and computation on the head, the complexity of integrating the ‘soldier-as-a-system’ is growing exponentially. We have a long history of working with the most demanding military teams to imagine what the future will look like and are on the front lines of developing the solutions that will meet the needs of the modern battlefield and beyond.

Traditional methods of research, testing and validation are no longer enough. We've invested millions in our purpose-built Warfighter Lab in order to be able to truly understand the effects of changing the physical, cognitive and sensory loads on the warfighter. This cutting-edge research and testing lab is a fully immersive, state-of-the-art environment that is a singular capability in the industry.


Over the past 22 years, we have developed an international reputation as a trusted partner and a proven track record for excellence. Galvion has a robust infrastructure to support every phase of the product lifecycle - from conceptualization through design, prototyping and testing, manufacturing and beyond. Across our facilities, our teams work both independently and collaboratively to proactively provide solutions that exceed expectation and imagination.



With a growing global footprint, we are expanding our capabilities, with a new assembly and service hub in Gdansk, Poland coming in 2024. We continue to invest in equipment, infrastructure, people and processes in order to craft our best-in-class solutions for the world’s most demanding military and tactical teams.


Housing our major armor and helmet program production, our Newport, Vermont team delivers hundreds of thousands of head systems to our global customers. We own the entire product process, which gives us the flexibility needed to adapt to a wide range of customer demands and order profiles.


This dual-purpose facility develops and builds Galvion’s power and data management solutions and houses our state-of-the-art advanced coatings operations. We build solutions tailored to the specific needs of users, including the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, U.S. Air National Guard and other international operations.


Our U.S. Headquarters in New Hampshire is recently completed and custom-designed. It houses Advanced Capabilities hardware and software engineering teams and prototyping workshops, as well as Galvion’s one-of-a-kind Warfighter Lab, a fully immersive testing and evaluation center. This facility is also home to a helmet paint, finishing and assembly center.


Galvion’s hub for R&D and design in Montreal, Canada is at the heart of our collaborative culture. The custom-designed facility houses multiple labs for R&D, ballistic testing and product development, including advanced prototyping, soft goods, and human factors workshops. It’s also home to the head systems engineering teams, who develop forward-thinking products and solutions using state-of-the-art equipment.