Viper Modular Suspension System (MSS)

Fully adjustable using the fit-band dial, the Viper helmet retention system and netting is designed to maximize comfort, stability, air circulation, and protection during long periods of wear

Kit Includes

Impact Liner
Net (Black)
Dial Fit Band (Black)
Comfort Pad Set
Comfort Retention System (Black or Tan499)
Hardware Kit

*Colors of interior MSS components (net & fitband) may vary. May not be as shown
Retention Colors


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    • Exceeds U.S. Army ACH impact standards

    Management Control Number (MCN) - Tan499 Only
    • Small - 847001F902096
    • Medium - 847001F902097
    • Large - 847001F902098
    • Extra Large - 847001F902099
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ViperMSS comfort


Engineered to comfortably fit a wide range of head shapes and sizes—adjustable liner and suspension system is optimized for impact protection, comfort, and extended-wear

Viper one handed adjustment


Tighten or loosen the dial fit band and comfort pads around the circumference of the head with a simple turn of the dial fit ratchet mechanism

Viper MSS stability


The 4-point retention system has a height-adjustable nape pad to further stabilize the system when using NVGs

Viper MSS impact protection


Impact liner is made of a durable, low-profile material that exceeds U.S. Army ACH impact standards

Viper MSS Ventilation


An adjustable crown net wicks perspiration and suspends the helmet shell on the wearer’s head for freer air-flow and circulation

Viper Modular Suspension System (MSS)
Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

1LT S.H.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the ACH with the standard issue setup and competitor retention systems like Team Wendy. I have conducted Helocasts, ruck marches, Sapper School, officer basic, and a variety of other training while wearing my ACH. The MSS is by far the most comfortable, easy-to-use system so far that I’ve worn. It’s highly customizable to different soldiers. I had at least 10 people that wear medium to large ACHs try it on and all of them found it to be comfortable.

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

Master Gunner A.H.

I want to give you feedback on your Viper Helmet MSS. I would have to wrap it up in one word AMAZING! I truly found your modular suspension system to be the best helmet liner I have ever worn. I spent a full month in JRTC where I wore my ACH for hours at a time and the sheer comfort from wearing this item was well worth the time it took to install it.

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

1Lt. K.J.

I've always been someone that is willing to experiment with something new. Like the "Diffusion of Innovation Theory: Adoptive Curve" I've considered myself in the group willing to adopt something new. And I believe this helmet system will be the next step in the right direction for the future warfighter. 10/10 helmet liner system. I'm more than willing to try anything else new and experimental Galvion may throw our way next!

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

Spc. H.M.

I like this better than the foam inserts. Because of my job on the boats, airflow is so much better with this system.

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

Sgt. K.D.

Makes my helmet lighter than what I had before. Tightening is easy and adjustments are simply done.

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

Ssg. B.A.

So much better on my hair! I absolutely love it

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

Sgt. B.M.

I always tell anyone I can about this helmet system type because of how easy-to-use it is. Galvion is also just one of my favorite brands.

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

Cw2. S.V.

Great. Love it. I'd pay for another one.

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

Ssg. S.J.

System worked great. Could adjust it in the dark no problem.

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

Captain, Georgia Army National Guard, Bravo Company

The Viper Modular Suspension System (MSS) greatly reduced the stress of wearing ACHs for long periods of time and during long movements where ACHs are required to be worn. The Force-on-Force portion of JRTC provided a great opportunity to test the Viper MSS to its limits. Soldiers were required to wear their ACHs for 14 days continuously and were only allowed to take them off while sleeping and eating. The two Soldiers who were issued the Viper MSS stated that it was significantly more comfortable compared to the standard-issued helmet straps.



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