SoloPack™ Li-Ion Battery

A rugged, high power density lithium-ion solution for charging and powering operational devices on the battlefield—a slim, lightweight battery that packs enough power in one charge for a 12-hour mission

Kit Includes

SoloPack Li-Ion Battery
MultiCam® Carrying Case


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SoloPack Energy Density


Contains as much power as 64 AA NiCd batteries and offers 4 times the power density, guaranteeing best-in-class power density

SoloPack Charge Display


SoloPack display is push-button activated and gives a clear readout of remaining change

SoloPack Durable


Robust, multi-layered shock absorption protects against the rigors of combat

SoloPack Lightweight


Weighing only 1.2 lbs (550 g), the SoloPack’s slim design reduces weight burden and the number of disposable batteries carried by soldiers

SoloPack Compatibility


Specifically designed for user-friendly integration with currently fielded equipment, such as Nett Warrior systems and SMBus v1.1

SoloPack weatherproof


Reliable operational performance under environmental conditions ranging from -32°C to +55°C

SoloPack™ Li-Ion Battery
Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

MSGT J.B., National Assessment Center

We’re able to get two days of operations out of a Nerv Centr SharePack and Nerv Centr SoloPack without charging them. Additionally, the ability to use, direct, harvest and share capability is a feature Warrior Pak doesn’t really offer. Lastly, Galvion’s Customer Service is the best I’ve seen to date.

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

MSgt L.M., Chief JTAC-Instructor, 146th ASOS

The SoloPack had great battery life. I used the battery to power one PRC 152 for approximately 6 hours a day for 14 days. I typically receive 3 days of usage. I liked the power notification bar on the top of the SoloPack Battery. The size of the battery was great. The SoloPack never overheated which is important for our safety. Overall I am excited to see a new take on sustainable power.

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

A.H., Field Applications Engineer Manager

... I’m running a longevity battery test with SoloPack on a 950---- been running for 21+ hours and battery is reporting 60% capacity remaining. So cool!

Product Testimonial

testimonials from the field

Captain, Georgia Army National Guard, Bravo Company

The Galvion Solo Pack Batteries with the MBITR Attachments allowed a soldier to sustain an MBITR for ten days with only two of these batteries. While most MBITR batteries will lose their charge after a few hours, the Solo Pack Batteries did not start to drop below 20 percent charge until day five. The battery has a built-in vent on top in order to keep the battery cool as it is being used. It also displays to the user the amount of battery power left in increments of 20. This allows the user to know how many days they have left before a new battery is needed. The battery fits perfectly inside a magazine pouch, and the adapter chord to the MBITR is long enough to reach the soldier’s radio pouch.



Galvion’s Nerv Centr® family of power management solutions offer distinct, measurable, and immediate benefits for modern warfighters

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