The combat vehicles of today are more like ground-based fast jets than the traditional steel box-like combat vehicles of the past. Packed full of sensors, advanced communication systems, active protection systems, electric power and specialized lethality systems, they demand more instantaneous and sustained power than ever before. The objective today is silent operation of these systems in order to increase battlefield survivability; the future aspiration is to also have silent mobility in the last “tactical half mile”.

Lead-acid batteries and legacy power management systems simply cannot support these ever-increasing number of on-board systems and silent watch capabilities, forcing operators to continuously idle the main engine of the vehicle for sustained power. This compromises the stealth of the vehicle on the battlefield and increases the vehicle’s thermal and acoustic signatures, as well as increasing fuel consumption and adding logistical burden on the mission.

Galvion’s Symbasys™ power team has extensive experience working with power programs of record for military ground vehicles, the Joint Strike Fighter Ground Power Unit (GPU), F-18 power systems, and military communications towers and infrastructure, providing us with a unique set of understandings and capabilities in the platform power field. Learnings from the programs have informed the development of our best-in-class silent watch battery system.

Symbasys SWitchPack™ i6T lithium-ion battery, replaces 3 traditional lead acid batteries and has more capacity than existing li-ion 6T

Modular battery replacement

Our SWatPack™ modular battery replaces 6 traditional lead acid batteries or 2 li-ion 6T batteries

Platform survivability, lethality, mobility, and tactical reach are enhanced when a combat vehicle is able to power itself and its occupants without continuous running of the engine. This requirement defines the vehicle power management solutions of today, and will become increasingly important with the adoption of Active Protection and Directed Energy Systems in the future.

Modular and scalable energy solutions are capable of powering the most demanding vehicle platforms, are maintenance free and fully integrated both physically and electrically, with the host platform. Using Symbasys’ Li-ion SWatPack™ batteries to replace conventional lead acid batteries to enable silent watch capability reduces size, weight, space claim, cost, and logistical burden associated with added fuel consumption, maintenance and logistics by orders of magnitude compared to traditional solutions.

Galvion light armour vehicle battery pack

Galvion’s Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Silent Watch Battery Pack (SWBP) provides 1600 Ah of power to the vehicle in a scalable and maintenance-free format

Our deep understanding of advanced combat vehicle power integration, expertise in the military market and our development partnerships in ground-breaking silent watch and military vehicle power programs position Galvion as the go-to leader in the development of new energy for the military landscape. Our long-standing strategic partnership with Kokam, a leading South Korean lithium-ion cell manufacturer, ensures that our power management solutions are equipped with cutting edge lithium-ion technology that is customized and built for the most demanding applications. Galvion provides superior battlefield advantage through smart power management and distribution technologies that maximize the availability, efficiency and storage of electrical power for combat vehicles in any environment.