New missions, new threats, new ways of fighting and new enemies.  

Our product and technology focus continues to shift from passive protection to survivability and lethality. The next phase of evolution in headborne and torso systems requires integration and connectivity like never before, and designing solutions to meet these needs requires a radical shift in how we think about helmets.  

We work with key customers, stakeholders and partners in order todrive innovations that will be the foundation for the integrated systems of tomorrow.

Homeland and battlefield threats have changed over the past 25 years. New material and manufacturing processes have enabled a step change to offer increased performance and lighter-weight solutions. We developed customized solutions from the ground up to meet the threat, weight and integration requirements of the modern battlefield.

Our Batlskin® suite of helmets are modular and scalable to meet operator needs. Robust, tactical performance systems in traditional ACH shapes through ultra light-weight, high-performing solutions; ballistic, frag and impact protection with suspension and retention systems that are best-in-class for user comfort.