Ventus Respiratory Technologies™
TR2™ Respirator

The Ventus TR2 is a compact and lightweight tactical respiratory solution that offers reliable protection against toxic exposure. CE-certified and conforming to European health, safety and environmental protection standards, it offer >99% filtration of solid particulate at a diameter of 0.06μmand oil-based particles down to 0.3μm.

Adventure Lights™
Trilobyte™ Tactical Strobe

Adventure Lights Trilobyte Tactical Strobes offer programmable IR and visual light strobes, providing secure and tamper-proof signals.  With customizable signatures, these strobes enable quick and easy identification. The form factor is optimized for maximum visibility, and the device offers a wide range of functionality in a simple and user-friendly design.

4D Tactical™

The 4D Tactical night vision device SOF Cap is a lightweight and comfortable platform that integrates seamlessly with night vision devices. Developed in collaboration with Galvion, and engineered using Galvion’s field-proven fitband technology, this SOF cap offers stability and convenience in situations where ballistic or bump protection is not required. 

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