COVID 19 (Corona) Update

COVID 19 (Corona) Update

Updated - August 10, 2020

Galvion is an international company with facilities and employees in the US, Canada and the UK, and our customer base is spread across the globe. The health and safety of our employees and their families remains our top priority, as keeping them healthy is the best preventative contribution we can make to our wider communities, no matter the country that our facility happens to be in.

In order to put the safety of our employees and their families first, like everyone, we have had to adjust to the new workplace realities tied to COVID. We have made the decision to enforce extremely cautious processes and procedures related to preventative COVID measures across all of our facilities. This inherently means less people being able to work in the same physical space, cancelling all cross-border travel between our facilities, accommodating those who need to stay home to care for children or a family member, and reduced face-to-face and group training exercises. We also know that our partners and vendors are trying to manage similar realities, sometimes at different times, depending on where they are located and their own situations.

Coupled with these un-scheduled and completely new circumstances, we are also experiencing a higher-than-ever demand for our products as our mission to protect those who protect us is more critical than ever. Keeping our business safely operational throughout this time requires an incredibly dedicated team and the entire Galvion crew is stepping up, and working hard to get our gear into your hands as quickly as possible. The products that we design and manufacture save lives and are critical to ensuring safe missions around the world, and we take every one of those missions as seriously as if it were our own.

As of August 7th, we are taking a little break from our online individual helmet sales in an effort to focus on fulfilling all of our existing customer orders, contracts and programs. We continue to adapt and adjust our work processes in innovative ways to up our capacity while also maintaining the critical safety of our team. As we do so, we appreciate your patience and support more than ever, and we look forward to opening our online helmet sales again very soon. In the meantime, our accessories remain available for sale, and our Customer Service team remains at your disposal to take any unit orders and to answer any questions you may have – please contact them at or 1-866-713-0406