Revision Leads War Against Head Injuries, Introduces Expanded Batlskin™ Head Protection System

Revision Leads War Against Head Injuries, Introduces Expanded Batlskin™ Head Protection System

*At the end of September 2019, Revision Military sold its protective eyewear business along with the Revision Military name. The remaining Armor, Soldier Power, Platform Power and Advanced Concept divisions move forward from that date under the new corporate name of Galvion. The press release below was issued prior to that sale, and therefore appears using the Revision Military name.*

Revision Military, a world leader in protective soldier solutions, has expanded its product portfolio with the world’s first fully integrated night vision mount and accessory rail system, expertly designed to fit ACH-style helmets. The Revision Viper Front Mount doubles as an NVG mount as well as the platform to armor up in high-threat situations with the Batlskin Visor and Mandible creating a fully integrated and modular head protection system. The new Interlocking Rails provide the capability to quickly attach headborne accessories. The Revision Viper Front Mount and Interlocking Long Rails are currently available and in stock at www.revisionmilitary.com.

Pairing perfectly with the new Front Mount and Interlocking Long Rails, Revision also introduces a new Batlskin Viper High-Cut helmet designed to offer a lightweight, functional shell in both traditional Aramid materials (Viper A1) and high performance Polyethylene materials (Viper P2).

“Ever since the initial launch of the Batlskin Head Protection System, the Revision team has continued to evolve the product offering to utilize innovative design and the newest materials,” says Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. “We continue to offer seamless integration and lightweight performance soldiers and law enforcement officers can count on for the ultimate head and face protection.”

Revision’s upgraded Batlskin Head Protection System makes its North American debut at the Special Operations show, SOFIC in Tampa, Florida, May 20-22. Its European unveiling will take place at Eurosatory in Paris, France June 16-20.


Batlskin Viper Front Mount
Revision’s lightweight, multi-purpose Front Mount now features an interchangeable center piece system. The slim and easy to use design, allows the user to swap the receiver component to accommodate various NVG interface plates for compatibility with commonly used NVGs. Most notably, the Front Mount acts as the MPAS platform, enabling seamless integration of the Batlskin Viper Interlocking Long Rails, Visor and Mandible Guards, offering the crucial ability to up armor when needed.

Batlskin Viper Interlocking Long Rails
Allowing the integrated head protection system to be scalable and adaptable to any mission, the new Batlskin Viper Long Rails enable quick and easy attachment of cameras, lights, and other head borne accessories, allowing the user to focus on their mission. The Interlocking Long Rails interconnect with the Front Mount and can be used in conjunction with the Batlskin Viper Visor and Mandible Guards. The rails, which are sized specifically to fit small, medium, large or extra-large helmets are now available to order on www.revisionmilitary.com.

Batlskin Viper High Cut Helmets
Revision’s Batlskin Viper A1 and P2 High Cut Helmets are designed for optimal compatibility with communications headsets allowing for increased situational awareness. With the addition of Revision’s newest products, the Interlocking Rail Systems, and our helmet manufacturing experience and stringent quality standards, Revision is ready to meet operators’ demands for high cut helmets on a global scale. The ACH-shaped Viper A1 High Cut helmets are available now in all sizes (S/M/L/XL); the Viper P2 High Cut helmets will be available early this summer.

Batlskin Viper Three-Position Visor
Designed with the end user in mind, the three-position visor clips into the Front Mount with a simple one-handed movement. The visor can be worn three ways from maximum coverage to maximum breathability: locked, vented or up. The visor offers quality high-impact protection, flawless optics and maximum field-of-view while remaining scratch, fog and chemical resistant. Ready for battle, the visor system includes an optional gasket which provides a seal between the helmet and Visor. The Viper Visor will be available in early June.

Batlskin Viper Mandible Guards
The updated Mandible Guard provides best-in-class lower-face protection in a strapless design that’s lightweight, quick to fit without tools and quick to remove. Available in both ballistic and wire-frame configurations, each Mandible Guard attaches without tools to the Batlskin Front Mount, providing rapid attachment and removal of the face guard. These guards are easily tilted downwards in varying degrees for improved sight compatibility, eating and drinking. Pushing the mandible against the chest– a quick, hands-free operation – brings it back to the original position. The Mandible Guards will be ready to order in early summer.


Revision develops and delivers purpose-built protective soldier equipment for military use worldwide. The company, which began with eyewear, has expanded to face, head and torso protection as well as energy storage and power management products, continues to develop innovative capabilities for integrated, performance-enhancing soldier systems. To that end, Revision brings together the most advanced expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and finest technical minds. Privately owned and ISO 9001:2008 certified, Revision’s operational headquarters is located in Essex Junction, Vermont, USA, with additional offices in Montreal, Canada, The UK, and Luxembourg. For more information, visit www.revisionmilitary.com, write media@revisionmilitary.com, or call +1 802-879-7002.