Revision Adds New Helmet to Caiman Family: The Batlskin Caiman™ Bump Helmet System

Revision Adds New Helmet to Caiman Family: The Batlskin Caiman™ Bump Helmet System

*At the end of September 2019, Revision Military sold its protective eyewear business along with the Revision Military name. The remaining Armor, Soldier Power, Platform Power and Advanced Concept divisions move forward from that date under the new corporate name of Galvion. The press release below was issued prior to that sale, and therefore appears using the Revision Military name.*

Revision Military, a world leader in head protection solutions, unveils a new addition to the Batlskin Caiman™ Helmet family: The Caiman Bump Helmet System. This new, distinct Caiman Bump helmet is built on an advanced reinforced polymer shell and is designed for the rigors of maritime and mobile maneuvers. The helmet system provides blunt impact protection that meets advanced combat helmet (ACH) standards. Optimized for a variety of operators, particularly global Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement and National Guard forces, this skeletonized helmet system places a premium on scalability and integration, giving operators a more stripped-down base for affixing headborne equipment. The Batlskin Caiman Bump Helmet will be available for purchase by the end of Q1, 2018.

“With the addition of the Caiman Bump Helmet System, this family of head protection solutions continues to rapidly mature,” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO, Revision Military. “Revision has now unveiled a trifecta of versatile, lightweight, and scalable solutions that are ideal for fast-moving missions. Revision’s Caiman solutions put the power in the hands of the user, letting the operator dictate their protection level, integration, fit, and weight in accordance with the mission ahead. This is the demand we heard from operators as we developed the Caiman line, and we will continue to address the needs of a wide spectrum of operational demands and mission profiles with this groundbreaking family of head protection solutions.”

Revision’s new Batlskin Caiman™ Bump Helmet System provides blunt impact protection that meets advanced combat helmet (ACH) standards.

The skeletonization of all system components in the Caiman Helmet Systems has significantly reduced the overall weight compared to currently fielded helmet systems, emphasizing scalability and mission-specific accessories. Like Revision’s other Caiman helmets, the Caiman Bump comes in five sizes, ensuring users are wearing the lightest, most comfortable, and most stable helmet possible. Moreover, Caiman helmets are expressly designed to incorporate electronics, communications headsets, and other specialized equipment needs—particularly, Revision’s recently introduced, next-generation circumaural headset, the SenSys ComCentr2™ Tactical Headset System.

The Caiman Helmet family includes the Caiman Ballistic Helmet and the Caiman Hybrid Helmet with an optional Applique that ballistically-enables the Hybrid shell. Additional accessories include two visor variants, one that attaches directly into the Wilcox® L4 Shroud and one that works in tandem with front mounted equipment and two mandible variants, one bump and one ballistic, as well as a streamlined rail system, an innovative liner and suspension system, and helmet covers.


Revision develops and delivers purpose-built protective soldier equipment for military use worldwide. The company, which began with eyewear, has expanded to face, head and torso protection as well as energy storage and power management products, continues to develop innovative capabilities for integrated, performance-enhancing soldier systems. To that end, Revision brings together the most advanced expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and finest technical minds. Privately owned and ISO 9001:2008 certified, Revision’s operational headquarters is located in Essex Junction, Vermont, USA, with additional offices in Montreal, Canada, The UK, and Luxembourg. For more information, visit www.revisionmilitary.com, write media@revisionmilitary.com, or call +1 802-879-7002.