Galvion provides thought leadership at important allied defence conference Warsaw 6th May 2024

Galvion provides thought leadership at important allied defence conference Warsaw 6th May 2024

Galvion, a world leader in innovative head protection systems and power and data management solutions, are proud to be a main partner at Defence24 Days, in Warsaw, Poland on May 6th and 7th, 2024. Following the September 2023 announcement of the establishment of a European Production Hub in Poland, set to be operational in the coming months, Galvion is excited to make a significant contribution to the Polish and European defence and security community at this premiere conference.  

Galvion will have close to 1.5 million helmets in service across NATO and other European countries by 2025. Galvion’s new Gdansk facility will house helmet finishing and assembly capabilities, in addition to critical support, maintenance, refurbishment, upgrade and training operations. This Polish facility will enable Galvion’s re-shaping of its global supply chain centred on trusted NATO and European suppliers, providing a regional hub that best serves the customer. With core competencies in Head & Torso solutions, Ballistic performance, Power & Data Management, Data & Software Interface, Optical coatings & filters, Systems Integration, and Advanced design, Galvion works with key government and technology partners around the world to re-imagine what the next decade of integrated soldier systems will look like, and to bring tomorrow’s advanced capabilities to the soldier, today.  

Galvion’s delegation at Defence24 Days will include Brigadier General (Retired) Peter Rafferty MBE DL, President Galvion UK Limited, and Major (Retired) Richard Coomber MBE, Senior Vice President of Galvion’s Tactical Head Solutions division. Galvion will be panellists on the ‘Soldier of the Future – Modern Individual Equipment’ topic.  

Said Richard Coomber: “Galvion has been at the forefront of imagining the possibilities of integrated systems and is a part of forward-looking programs with Tier 1 customers in the U.S. and the UK. We started this 15 years ago, really buying into the idea that helmets were about to move from a protective product, something that just sits there and passively defeats projectiles, to something that's survivable, something that allows you to see in the dark, to communicate, to identify yourself to friendly forces, to integrate modern capabilities like head-up displays, sensors, emitters, and computation on the helmet, towards every soldier becoming a true sensor node. These enhancements will exponentially increase the soldier’s survivability and lethality and therefore mission success. Today, we are seeing this vision become a reality, and we are excited to have the opportunity to discuss these important topics at Defence24 Days.”

About Galvion:

Galvion designs, develops, and delivers mission critical head, face, and torso protective solutions as well as intelligent power and data management systems for the world’s most demanding military and tactical teams.   Founded in 2002 as Revision Military, a foundational belief in calculated investment and capability expansion led to a strategic refocus, resulting in the divestiture of the protective eyewear business, along with the Revision name, in 2019. Rebranded as Galvion, the company’s products and technology continue to evolve beyond purely passive protection, focusing instead on active systems that enhance performance and survivability, with an eye to the ever-changing demands of the modern battlefield. Through advanced design, keen end-user insight and intelligent integration, Galvion engineers uniquely customized solutions that go beyond what was once thought possible.


Privately owned with ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities in Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire in the US, Montreal in Canada and Bristol in the UK, Galvion works proactively to solve the problems left unsolved by others.