Galvion Announces Strategic Partnerships to Enhance Head Systems Offering

Galvion Announces Strategic Partnerships to Enhance Head Systems Offering

Galvion, a world leader in integrated head systems and intelligent power and data management solutions, is pleased to announce collaborations with selected industry partners to further enhance the portfolio of accessories for its head system solutions, under the banner of its Batlchk™ program. This announcement coincides with MiliPol, taking place in Paris, 14-17 November 2023, where Galvion is exhibiting these value-add accessories alongside their wider product offering on booth #5A-E122.

Galvion is committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of demanding military and tactical teams around the world. Through collaboration and partnerships with respected industry partners and following a rigorous product verification and integration validation process, Galvion will offer a wide range of capability-enhancing products that integrate with, or are complementary to, their high-performance helmet systems.  

Today, Galvion announces the first Batlchk™ collaborations and agreements with the following industry partners:

Ventus Respiratory Technologies™ - TR2™ Respirator:The Ventus TR2 Respiratory Mask is a compact and lightweight tactical respiratory solution that is CE-certified, conforming to European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. It offers >99% filtration of solid particulate at a diameter of 0.06μm (P2 certified to EN143) and oil-based particles down to 0.3μm, offering reliable protection against toxic exposure.

Adventure Lights™ - Trilobyte™ Tactical Strobes: Adventure Lights Trilobyte Tactical Strobes offer programmable IR and visual light strobes, providing secure and tamper-proof signals. With customizable signatures, these strobes enable quick and easy identification. The form factor is optimized for maximum visibility, and the device offers a wide range of functionality in a simple and user-friendly design. A range of strobes, including models with unique features developed for Galvion, will be offered to meet diverse user requirements.  

4D Tactical™ - Night Vision SOF Cap: The 4D Tactical night vision device SOF Cap is a lightweight and comfortable platform that integrates seamlessly with night vision devices. Developed in collaboration with Galvion, and engineered using Galvion’s field-proven fitband technology, the SOF cap offers stability and convenience in situations where ballistic or bump protection is not required.  

Todd Stirtzinger, CEO at Galvion said: "We are excited to work with like-minded industry partners and look forward to expanding our Batlchk integrated accessories program. These collaborations allow us to provide operators with more integrated and complementary products and select items will be available to NATO countries through the NSPA framework contract.” He added: “Whether 100% Galvion engineered and manufactured, developed through intense collaborative efforts with partners or simply by recognizing and recommending best-in-class products that integrate well with our head systems, our aim remains the same: to support the warfighter by offering the most comprehensive portfolio of head systems and accessories we can so they can complete their missions and get home safely.”

For more information, visit Galvion Batlchk Program 

About Galvion:

Galvion designs, develops, and delivers mission critical head, face, and torso protective solutions as well as intelligent power and data management systems for the world’s most demanding military and tactical teams.   Founded in 2002 as Revision Military, a foundational belief in calculated investment and capability expansion led to a strategic refocus, resulting in the divestiture of the protective eyewear business, along with the Revision name, in 2019. Rebranded as Galvion, the company’s products and technology continue to evolve beyond purely passive protection, focusing instead on active systems that enhance performance and survivability, with an eye to the ever-changing demands of the modern battlefield. Through advanced design, keen end-user insight and intelligent integration, Galvion engineers uniquely customized solutions that go beyond what was once thought possible.

Privately owned with ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities in Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire in the US, Montreal in Canada and Bristol in the UK, Galvion works proactively to solve the problems left unsolved by others.


About Ventus Respiratory Technologies:
Ventus Respiratory Technologies has pioneered a new standard of respiratory protection for military, police, and first responders. Its flagship product, the TR2, is positioned to become the global standard as the only fully CE-certified particulate respirator in this class, on the market. The TR2 protects the wearer from toxic exposure with class-leading filtration in a compact, lightweight, breathable, and interoperable form factor. Its technology-forward design provides a platform for the integration of sensors, biometrics, IoT, and voice-operated applications. Ventus is veteran-run and has direct access to an elite special forces end-user military network, and a growing number of distribution partners worldwide.

About Adventure Lights:
Adventure Lights Inc. is a premier manufacturer of visual and IR beacons and illuminators for Military, Police, Homeland Security and Search & Rescue Personnel. Working with clients on many initiatives over the past 25 years, the company has helped produce programmable remote controls and lights for Landing and Drop Zones, Expeditionary Airfields, networked interactive Friend or Foe products and IR light systems for mechanized vehicles. Adventure Lights products have consistently proven instrumental in mission success and lifesaving operations.  

About 4DT:
4D Tactical designs, develops, and manufactures industry-leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), specializing in advanced solutions for both military and civilian applications. With over two decades of experience, the Company's commitment to excellence has resulted in a wide-ranging portfolio - from seating systems for military aircraft to blast-resistant mats, harnesses, pads, and helmet liners. By offering bespoke solutions that prioritize user comfort, stability, and the capability to handle extended mission duration, 4D Tactical sets itself apart in the industry through an unwavering commitment to innovation.